Resources to use at home during the current Coronavirus Pandemic
During the current difficult situation when schools, pre-schools and nurseries are closed and we cannot hold our usual activities for families, such as Messy Church, we are suggesting links to some websites and providing some ideas which we hope will help you during this time. Do send us pictures of anything you create - we'd love to see them!
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There are resources for adults at Resources for adults to use at home, includng details of our online auction! Clear out your cupboards and sheds and donate anything you don't want which someone else might br pleased to have!
     The Bible Society, who provide us with the Open the Book material which our
     schools love so much, are producing some RE resources once a fortnight to use
     when children are learning at home. Click on (...)
     to access this.
     The latest Bible Story is Jesus and the Taxman - available now! 
  •      Messy Church at Home - a different Messy Church session every week!

29th June
       Messy Messages at home 
22nd June
        St Paul Messy Church at home 
  •  Messy Church Values 

         Messy Church values are about:

               being Christ-centred,

                    for all ages,

                       based on creativity,


                                and celebration.


                                  MC Values
Click on 
Messy Church colouring and Messy Church bookmarks for some colouring sheets for each of the values.
Make and Pray is a series of Bible-themed make-at home craft activities with related prayer ideas. More activities to enjoy when lots of children aren't at school!
Click on to discover how to make friendship bracelets, make a noughts and crosses game and lots more.
           Many of us are finding this period of lockdown difficult. Scripture Union has
 produced some material to help children and young people who are struggling         with mental health issues, perhaps feeling afraid or anxious. To access this,     click on
  •      Do you like making things?
  • The website of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engneers museum (based in Lyneham) has a Challenge page with lots of ideas for families. This week the topic is Women in Engineering.
  • Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue have produced some material for families to use. 

     Click on to find out how to be a C19 mini               superhero!


        Try acting out your favourite Open the Book Story with your own theatre!
        Theatre in a box 

        Make a milk bottle bird feeder

        Look after birds in your garden - click Make a milk bottle bird feeder

        DIY Toilet roll binoculars

        Spot the birds on your feeder using your own binoculars - click Make binoculars to            find out how to make them. 


  •  Faith at Home

       This website provides experiences that inspire parents and families to grow togther

       in the 'new daily normal' of the home.
      Click (...) 
  •  Prayer Spaces at Home 
      If you have found Prayer Spaces at school interesting, you might like to try                      Prayer Spaces at Home, designed to be used during the Coronavirus lockdown. 
     Coronavirus Prayer Stations at Home 
  • Worship for everyone. Worship for all the family, broadcast on Wednesdays and    Saturdays at 4.00pm. Previous broadcasts available online.


  •  A song to listen to - you can dance too if you like! 
     'Flow Fresh' - click on 
    'Whatever'  - click on  


  • Mini Melodies from St James' Church Trowbridge 
          30th June
          23rd June

  •     Home learning resources for Reception children (...)
  • Material for teaching RE at home

We hope these ideas are helpful; new links will be added regularly. If you need support in any way, do get in touch with Rev John or Rev Joy using their details on the Ministry Team page.